Six Welsh Dances

Based on Welsh traditional melodies

Length: various
Orchestration(s): Various
Publisher: Mansel Thomas Trust
All 6 available separately;
Orchestral material on hire only
Dawns y Pedair Clocsen/Dance of the Four Clogs (1’55”)
Orchestration: 2222/223optTuba/Timps/Perc/Harp/Strings
Dawns y Fantell Goch/Dance of the Red Cloak (1’50”)
Orchestration: 2222/2230/Perc/Harp/Strings
Hobed o Hilion – Bugail yr Hafod/The Shepherd of Hafod (3’25”)
Orchestration: Solo Violin/ Harp & Strings
Dawns y Corn Bib/Welsh Hornpipe (2’05”)
Orchestration: 2222/4230/Perc/Harp/Strings
Hwb i’r Galon/A Song of Good Cheer (1’45”)
Orchestration: 2222/2230/Timps/Perc/Harp/Strings
Dawns y Bugail/Welsh Shepherd’s Dance (2’20”)
Orchestration: 2222/423optTuba/Timps/Perc/Harp/Strings