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  1. Length: 6′ 30″
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  2. Length: 9′ 30″
    Orchestration(s): 2Picc222/4231/Timps/Perc/Harp/Organ/Strings (hire only)
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  3. Based on Breton folk melodies
    Length: various
    Orchestration(s): 1. 1Picc121/2230/Timps/Perc/Harp/Strings;
    2. Strings;
    3. 2121/2230/Timps/Perc/Harp/Strings
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  4. "Polly put the kettle on"
    Length: 4′ 10″
    Orchestration(s): Solo Piano/1131/0220/Timps/Perc/Strings (hire only)
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