Caneuon Siôn/Jack’s songs

12 songs in 2 volumes

Length: 22′ 30″
Overall Compass: C- G
Accompaniment: Piano
Language(s): Welsh, English
Publisher: Mansel Thomas Trust

Volume 1  (Ref:MT30)

  1. Siôn/Jack
  2. P’le mae Siôn?/Where’s Jack?
  3. Siôn yn Jêl/Jack in Jail
  4. Siôn ‘di Siôn/Jack’s still Jack
  5. Siôn a’r Ieir/Jack and the chickens
  6. Peth fel’na ydi Iâr/Isn’t that just like a chicken?

Volume 2  (Ref:MT31)

  1. Trowsus Hir/Long Trousers
  2. Dau dderyn to/Two little sparrows
  3. Y Ceiliog/The Cockerel
  4. Yr Eos/The Nightingale
  5. Lol!/What rot!
  6. Y Lôn Bell/The Distant Lane